The Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation


Founded by Asha Jadeja, in loving memory of her husband, Prof. Rajeev Motwani, the Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation (MJFF) is a 100% charitable organization based in Palo Alto, CA and Ahmedabad, India.

The Foundation aims to support entrepreneurs in under-served pockets of the world and to promote the development of world-class education, innovation, and empowerment of people particularly in India, Africa, and the United States.


Part of the ever growing network of community-driven innovation, learning, and fabrication centers.

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A celebration of and for makers!

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Self-driven, high-quality education -- giving power to kids to teach themselves.

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our network

The Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation has connections and colaborations with some of the biggest names in philanthropy, education, and social activism.

  • MIT
  • Stanford
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IIT Gandhinagar
  • INK Talks
  • Bay Area Nonprofits
  • Dot Edu Ventures
  • Acumen Fund, New York
  • XPrize Los Angeles
  • Maker Faire Africa
  • Rajeev Circle Fellowships


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